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We present you more innovation in developing and designing games. We have developed and published multiple games on Android and IOS. Our Project crosses variety of genres. Focus mainly on the design yet alternative from all,with advanced mobile game design mechanics.Obscure and diverse of what we deliver to the world.Our Main Notion is to develop a game with an enhanced learning, researching and bring out an innovatory ideas. Its time for you to enjoy our games and we will take your suggestions

At Taninty Game Studio, not only do we perform collaborative development with our clients for existing games that they may have but also develop games right from scratch. Our gaming aces have the potential to transform a simple game idea into a complete, marketable game. We develop a great deal of games for Android, iPhone and among others for a variety of target sectors like a requirement in Flash or HTML5.


  • Flappy Ganesha has crossed over 50k downloads and it is listed in top 50 casual game and top 10 new casual games.

  • Save The Infants is listed in Top 25 in PGC Bangalore.

  • Build The Tower Cube has reached 5000 downloads within 2 weeks and reached top ten new casual game in Saudi Arabia.

  • Dare To Cross is listed in Indie Prize Showcase 2014 Selection.

  • Queen Bubble Kingdom is listed in Indie Prize Showcase 2014 Selection.





(7 Years Experience in Game Development)

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